day 21 – Healthy Habit

Haven’t you heard it said that it takes 21 days to make a healthy habit stick?  Today is twenty one days of me writing religiously on my website.  For those who are following and enjoying it – please let me know and tell some friends about it too.  It’s reassuring and it can only help me to continue writing.

It has (like all sound activity I attempt to incorporate into my life) been simple, but not easy.  I never know what I am going to write about but I do know I must post by midnight or turn into a pumpkin.  I also allow myself to write one sentence, if that is all I have.  So far, I seem to be long-winded.  I speak like I write and I write like I speak.

I have never been short on verbiage.  No, my problem usually resides with editing, pausing, taking a breath.  I have improved with age (my first grade report card had a U for unsatisfactory -my only U –  under self-control -the hand written teacher comment was; ‘speaks too much with others during class time ‘) and yet even with mature insight, I still seem to get accused of not listening well or at all by teens under my roof.  And as you can tell by my writing, I make my own arbitrary rules on punctuation.  A rebel at heart.

Another great fault of mine when speaking or writing is  – TANGENTS.!!!  I go off in many different directions and it is hard to rein me in.  I like variety.  I like the detours, following and connecting the dots later of how did I even get here, to this idea?  Where did that come from? And then, pursuing it back, like the wee bits of bread in Hansel and Gretel -enthralled and overcome by emotion on how intertwined and related everything is, after all.

Which all comes down to discipline – doesn’t it?  The more I train myself to do the next right thing, the better my self-esteem and confidence.  The higher my self- assuredness, the more I trust I will continue my new healthy habit.  But I am a bit like that rascal,  Oscar Wilde who said, “the only thing I cannot resist, is temptation”.

I have enjoyed coming to the page, day after day, on this blog of mine that was intended to be something else at first, gifted to me by my first born.  I have reflected and meditated.  I have tried to remain on one subject daily and not seem so scattered, for the most part.  I have revealed, and bared part of my soul.  I have amused, been serious and then questioned.  I look forward to twenty one more days and my wish is for you to be eager as well –  to read, respond and relate to my musings.

Healthy Habits are created by Healthy Decisions over and over again, consistently, continually and consciously.  Remind me when I get a little Wilde!





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