day 20 – December

December 1 marks the true beginning of the Holiday Rush for me.  From this day forward, all cards, gifts, meal plans, scents, music and decor circulate around the theme of giving, red/green and cheer.  Everything is about Christmas!  And much of the seasonal ‘cheer’ is my responsibility. Are you the unofficial event planner, too?

It is a good time to pause, reflect and rest because my anxiety level rises.  Although I love the season, it can get hectic and I start to panic.  Panic makes some people run.  It makes me stand right where I am, twirling and circling, looking for my own tail.  I need a plan, to breathe, and to not take it all so seriously.  I also find it’s the era of expectations.  I expect it  to be like “It’s a Wonderful Life” and it’s more like “National Lampoon’s Christmas” with Chevy Chase.  I intend to be more like Mother Theresa, but I end up more like the Wicked Witch of the West.

How do you handle the Holidays?  Do you tend to overeat?  Do you feel like pulling your hair out?  Don’t you just love the crowds, everywhere, all the time?  Where are all of these people going, coming from or doing?  How can I possibly need one more decoration?  When is it enough?  What does anyone really want for a gift and isn’t spending all this money expecting anyone to be happy with anything too much to ask?

Well, that was my ranting and raving for now.

I know gratitude, forgiveness, and compassion will seize my heart every time I get something else on my long list done.  

May the list shorten before the temper flares.


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