day 192 – Crazy

What a crazy day/week.

I have one daughter interning in LA this summer.  Needed to find her an apartment, get her new glasses and clothes, then drive back to LA to sign the lease then return to move in all weekend.

Other daughter is graduating High School.  Senior projects, field trips, permission slips and special nights of awards, dinners, etc… PLUS, book flight, freshman orientation and hotel for Berkeley for the two of us, late June.

In the next few weeks, book annual checkups and teeth cleanings for both college bound offspring.  Graduation, baccalaureate, dinner at Medallion Awards, parties and eventually,  breathe.

My mom came back from Argentina after visiting for two months and I still haven’t had a chance to catch up in person, yet.  I have candy and chocolate gifts that hopefully will keep and won’t melt or be eaten by the time I get over there to pick them up.

I just feel a little flustered.   Everyone else seems to be taking it all in stride but for some reason I feel as if I just drank ten cups of coffee (and incidentally, I am down to anywhere from half to one cup only).

Mixed in of course is the emotion of it all coming to a head and the baby is graduating and soon flying away and my NY daughter is now going to live all alone in LA (which for some reason is more intimidating than the Big Apple to me).

I think it’s time for some tools from my anxiety bag of tricks.  Meditation, breathing, affirmations, exercise, music and quiet time alone are my instant prescriptions.  And, of course, writing it all out.  Welcome to my nerve wracked, self – induced apprehension blitzkrieg.  Ahhhhh.  This too shall pass.  All will be well.  Inhale, Exhale, slow and deliberately.

That was three hours ago.  I feel much calmer.  I practiced some of my interventions on myself and am much relieved.  I took care of the most immediate “to do” listings and am planning on a visit to my mom in a few minutes.  I do not do well under stress.  That is plain to me.  I give myself the ulcer. Every item on my agenda is nothing but enjoyable next to the hassles my wonderful husband lives through every day, just to make sure we are comfortable.  Here’s to my loving, adorable and unfortunately ‘under the weather’ husband.  Happy Anniversary Eve! Twenty four years tomorrow of pure bliss. 

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