day 188 – Surprise

I never, ever get tired of planting bulbs and then having them surprise me with a bloom. This is a Tigridia.  I believed it to be a weed till it blossomed. I tend to forget where I place the bulbs from autumn.

It just goes to show me: 1) to not judge a book by its cover, 2) have patience and 3) to pause before I say or do something (like yank a supposed weed out of the ground).

There’s a saying by Eisenhower – “Never pass up the opportunity to keep your mouth shut.”  I need to live by that credo.

So much that comes out of me is uncensored, unfiltered and passes for a slight.  Just think, I’d have less apologizing, less misunderstandings and more serenity if I just paused and reviewed my speech to make sure it matched my intention  – before I spoke.

I actually have been working on this practice but occasionally I get caught off guard and I deeply regret it, just like I would have lamented not waiting to see what happened with this dismal “weed” that turned into a vibrant “swan.”

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