day 158 -sound healing

From time immemorial mommy’s have hummed, rocked and sang to their babies to soothe and calm them down.  And just as there are sounds and music that jar your nerves (think scratch on blackboard), excites you , energizes you (like maybe techno/disco), even scares you (remember JAWS?)…there are also melodies, sounds and tunes that soothe, honor your soul and resonate with your inner harmony of breath and stillness.

For thousands of years, the primordial sound of drums, tapping, gongs, tibetan bowls, timshas, chimes and bells have been used to bring the meditator deeper into their internal music –  the breath.  These healing sounds have been used for centuries to open, release and balance our energetic centers, the chakras.  These simple tools of sound reverberate with pleasant and high frequency sound waves into our bodily liquids ten times faster than they do in air.

LISTEN – don’t just hear – really listen to your breath and the healing sounds of music that  glide and guide you through your daily movements synchronized with your breath.   Bring healing moments to your day by listening to creative beautiful melodies, anything that resonates with you.    Make sound a mindful meditation of wellness, awareness and unity of self by breathing it into your body and incorporating it into your life.

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