day 152 – Ode to the Tree House

Was up in the mountains with daughter L.

I love the calm; the cozy and the cuddly feel of the cabin.

I could stay for days.  But I also love the numerous hues and diverse textures of our home in VP.

At the tree house, I feel relaxed, renewed and rested at once.

My one potted plant full of tiny succulents lives on and thrives due to my neglect.

My bear and canoe lamp lights up its shade with mountain and pine tree shadows.  It sits squarely in the middle of my beloved wicker chest with glass top I have had since I moved here, back in 1986.

Alongside it, is a picture of our family from our 2011 Christmas card.  It was taken at Thanksgiving and is encased by a family of five bears’ frame.  That is our family, now extending, growing and spreading out around the country.

Behind it, is a sign I picked up at a local gift shop crafted by a local artisan and it reads “Heaven’s a little closer when you’re in Lake Arrowhead.”  How true.

And to the left, two ‘made to look like’ bark candles resting on a wave colored and shaped smallish tray, made of shelled aqua lacquer.

This little vignette speaks loudly of my affection for this place.  The mantle is another stage and attraction.  The maple-topped shelf behind the banister also shouts care.  There is conscientious, thoughtful placement of meaningful objects and handed down, highly treasured family bequests.

This is not a house to raise your kids or to have large gatherings.  This place is not a show off statement or a trendy sophisticated loft.

This abode disapproves of trouble and invites only rest.  Rest for the eyes, rest for the limbs and rest for the soul.

Without the laughter, loudness and yelling nor the banging of doors and handprints on walls associated with children, this place resounds instead with quiet contemplation, peaceful thinking and an adult hush.

Without indoor pets to ravage furniture, soil carpets or litter the kitchen floor with tidbits of food, this place beckons you to just re-adjust yourself, bathe luxuriously and eat uninterrupted.

Without the bane of a landline, garden toil or errands to run, this place is a sanctuary of “no hurry”, a pause and a respite from the usual day-to-day schedule.

Although I love raising our children, petting our cats and tending our landscape, this place offers me the solitude to process my life, view everything in a new way and return back down the hill with gratitude and a renewed, refreshing joy.

Thank you to my loving, generous and clever husband for this gift of time, place and knowing.

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