day 13 – Christmas Tree

Today, before two of our young adults go back to their respective far away places, we put up the Christmas Tree, encircled it with 800 white lights, listened to Christmas music and hung up our personal, family and new ornaments for 2012.

Every year, I purchase one or two ornaments for each offspring, my spouse and myself.  Clearly labeled is your name and the year.  This year, I went a bit wackadoodle and purchased – let’s say many – decorations for each of my children to fasten onto the tree. Plus, each significant other received a personalized adornment.  Eventually, as each progeny builds their own nest, the idea is that they will get to take their wares with them (over my dead body probably).

Perhaps, upon realizing next year we will become empty nesters, I bought Michael and I two ornaments of two birds alone in a nest.  I didn’t realize it at the time of purchase  – just now as I write –  it struck me.  It was pointed out to me (as I spent approximately one half hour doling out this year’s new personalized ornaments)  that we have an inordinate amount of them this year.  Maybe I went a little overboard because I was feeling a bit nostalgic.  That’s ok.  The miracles in my life are my little angels and I am just reminding us all that it’s a wonderful life!



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