day 113 – A pleasant weekend of musical stories

On Saturday we went to the movies to see Quartet.  It is a film directed and produced by one my favorite actors, Dustin Hoffman.  Maggie Smith and Billy Connelly starred.  It is a quaint story centered on an upscale retirement home for retired musicians and opera singers.

Last night, we went to the Maverick Theatre in Fullerton to see Amadeus. Again classical music and musicians was the backdrop for the tale.  This production is a must see.  There’s only room for fifty people or so in the audience in this very small albeit well designed Art Deco space.  It is only running until March 23rd  Friday – Sunday nights only, so get your tickets soon!  I enjoyed listening to the dialog and exquisite writing by Award winning Peter Shaffer.  It was a sparse and small cast and stage and yet that was the appeal.  I was able to focus on the soul of the story as it unraveled in almost a confessional way.  “And there you have it!” – a line I stole from the play.

Bar and Decor at Maverick Theatre

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