Y6 – Day 4 – Foraging LA – part 2

Here’s the list of other plants: Poison Oak (no sampling but did you know it’s there to protect other plants from predators?),

Sticky Monkey (yellow flowers edible and it opens you up energetically making you vulnerable so it’s great for connecting to your higher self and intimacy with others),

Wild Cucumber (not edible but mature seed pods can be cracked open and inside are loofah type sponges used for cleansing long ago by indigenous people),

California Mugwort used as a spirit ally for lucid dreamwork and vision quests, CA poppy which has edible leaves and flowers that help with anxiety, showy penstemon, scrub oak which is not a real oak, Ca sage brush is great for smudging,

Mule fat used to drill willow bark back in the day to create fire, CA buckwheat which is not really wheatgrass at all and its tea leaves helps with headaches and its dried flowers makes reddish pancakes,

CA sage, CA gooseberry, Black Sage with its light blue flowers, Hemlock which as Socrates knows is deadly,

wild mustard which is bitter greens, golden chia that doesn’t look anything like a chia pet from the black seeded variety and finally, thistle which is a lilac colored spiny ball of a flower and grows profusely here in CA.

Golden Chia
Nettle used for a myriad of medicinal purposes but always harvest with gloves – it is very spiny
hahamonga watershed park right across the street from La Canada/Flintridge high school(not shown), background is a view of the San Gabriel mountains I believe. gorgeous day

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