Y5 – Day 49 – Transformational Activities

No doubt, what we create with tenderness and attention, moves another person to respond to it, often with a rebirth or renewal of their own. Similarly, our need to refine and beautify our surroundings motivates us to transform it.

In essence, whether it be people, places or things – the nurturance and reverence we give, generates new life and depth.  

This morning, I awaken to exude the powerful energy of the sunrise and this evening, I vibrate the subtle hues of the sunset.

THINK ACTION: Journal your thoughts on arts and crafts (or any creative endeavor) you enjoy or would like to participate in. Are there classes or techniques you would like to learn more about?

Is your home a reflection of who you are today? Where and how would you improve your domicile? Is there one small removal, addition or moving of an object in your home you could initiate today?

How do the arts affect you? Do you influence your surroundings or does your dwelling impact your moods? Could it be both? Notice the interplay.


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