Y5 – Day 14 – Spring Questionnaire

What qualities of nature are you attracted to? Is it the happy faces of pansies or the scent of roses and jasmines that appeal to you? Is it a mass of tulips or a single hybrid lily?

What colors remind you of springtime?

Do you prefer to hike through high grassed meadows, flowered fields or shaded woods?

Do you have any spring rituals? What may they be?

If spring is your favorite season – why?

Birdwatching is a simple delight this time of year. Maybe you have even seen a nest in a tree. What are natural pleasures that make you smile in springtime?

I gardened today. I weeded, cleaned up leaves and twigs left behind by the winds. I watered the dry earth, revived the parched plants and ruminated. I reminisced. I recalled years of gardening tasks and moments – digging, pruning, blessing new transplants, shrieking at earthworms and tamping down living, lush, dirty soil with my bare hands. Sacred hours and quality time in our gardens, that is true bliss. Ultimately, be grateful for every breath you take, and every waking moment.

My experiences and my relationships are priceless.



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