Y4 – Day 83 – Home Floral Arrangement

I am Loving the garden this spring. Here we have alstroemeria in fuchsia pink throats, ombre to light powder pink towards the tips of the petals and spotted dark brown dashes inside yellow mottled bases. Like identification cards, each flower is unique and each variety of the Peruvian lily, as it is commonly named, has markings and colors that make it a favorite item in any bouquet.

And then we have the smallish white lily with lavender and yellow stained petals that I still can’t identify ( see Y3 – Day 81 ) but grows proficiently with neglect in any shady spotĀ IĀ transplant it in since 1987 when I first laid eyes on it by our sidewalk at our first house.

And then I just filled in the display with a few “weeds” that were growing in a semi circle planter abutted to our rear house wall. They were star clustered fuzzy flowers and rosemary like spiked leaved stems. I had hubby clear them out today and re-fill it with three bags of organic soil. Then, I planted multiple colored petunia plugs I chose from Home Depot this morning and sowed four o’clock floral seeds he bought me last week that I had been waiting to disperse for just the right moment and place, which was this glorious, beautiful day!


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