Y4 – Day 81 – Veggie Garden 2016

IMG_1029My husband cleaned up and then reloaded the vegetable garden plots with organic soil and the walkways with new black bark. Then, I planted a variety of organic tomato plants, including eight cherry tomato transplants. I added lemon thyme, Italian and Greek oregano and bell and chili pepper plants. Now it was time to lay the drip hose down and make sure my babies were watered well. Lastly, I prepared stakes around the tomatoes so when they started to spread and grow, I could harness them in with tomato tape and keep them from falling over.

And after Adelaide left, because she loved to jump from plot to plot, I was ready to sow organic seeds. I have it all written down, charted and mapped out and we shall see what develops. Once seedlings come through, it will be time to thin and space them accordingly so everyone’s roots have room. Looking forward to sharing the maturation process as they germinate, sprout, enlarge, widen, bloom, bear fruit, swell and ripen.





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