Y4 – Day 67 – Character Sketch

Lori has medium length, blond dyed, wavy hair that cascades off the crown of her head as if she had coaxed it into soft, loose locks. But the first thing you notice about her after you get past her glorious mane, is her beaming blue eyes that penetrate you with their steadiness and her luscious, painted, well formed pouty lips. Her eyes are evenly spaced and framed by accented lashes dipped in a mahogany stain. Her nose is romanesque and looks classic, perfect in its shape and placement. In short, she has a proportioned facade in the most pleasing of dimensions and colors.

Lori is taller than average and of normal weight. She wears her everyday clothes, jeans and t shirts, with genuine panache without having a clue why everyone stares at her.

Lori’s voice carries questions with its tilted up pitch. She speaks slow and with a sing song cadence like a Southern drawl. She frequently self examines herself out loud and you wonder who is she talking to? This is quaint and inviting without being the least bit annoying because her tone comes off so serious, as if she was chatting with her imaginary friend, once upon a time, in childhood.

Lori said once that she felt like she had two people living inside her, her evil twin Gretchen and the good and wonderful Lori, the angelic being she portrays to the world. When she feels her behavior is off-putting, irresponsible or hurtful to others, she blames the witchy woman, Gretchen.

Lori’s grandmother on her dad’s side was named Gretchen. She was indeed difficult to love. But Lori also inherited her mother’s kindness, loyal qualities, true heart and virtuous conscience.

Lori is a combination and balance of her yin and yang like we all are. Her weaknesses have become her strengths through solid therapy, self awareness, improvement exercises and other healing modalities. She is whole and confident.

That’s why it was out of the ordinary when……..

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