Y4 – Day 30 – Ruth Reichl

Comfort Me With Apples

I picked up this book by Ruth Reichl ( LA Times Food Critic and editor of the famed but now defunct Gourmet magazine ) at a used book store, I believe, and I read it in about one week, only at bedtime, mind you. Several nights, it had me up longer than I bargained for. It was that good. Her description of food, her blatant honesty, without being offensive (because I don’t need to know every graphic detail, thank you Ruth and Random House Publishers for appreciating I have an imagination ), about her love life, the sequence of events to her rise to fame and her emotional upheavals are just splendid and I don’t want to tell you more and go and spoil it.

Needless to say, this is a memoir on just a certain timeĀ of her life and as a journalist by trade, her writing smoothly reads as funny, clear and real.

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