Y4 – Day 190 – Avila 2016 Tour

Last year, approximately same time in August, we headed for Avila Beach for the first time. We are on our way today, same hotel that offers hot chocolate croissants at breakfast and fresh from the oven, home made fruit pies with vanilla ice cream in the evening hotel, different room.

Last time we stayed on the first floor. Our suite had a kitchen, a huge outdoor patio, two fireplaces (one in the corner of the outdoor room with seating) and spa tub for two. Let’s see what this year brings. It is for couples only so it’s awesome for honeymooners, romantic getaways and empty nesting with their dog Cindi mini vacationers.

I am looking forward to the cooler weather by the beach. Hopefully, we will go shopping in the town of Morro Bay where I found the organic Japanese charcoal and walnut scrub last year. That stuff leaves your face and body smooth as velvet.

The picture below depicts a partial face of the teeny town from the beach. La Fonda Hotel is two blocks in. A short and scenic walk. This picture was taken at dawn. Do you see the older gentleman sitting at the top of the steps? The pigeons and the one lone seagull are perhaps expecting a nibble or crumb.

That same evening, the boardwalk was covered in food tents for the Saturday market/fair and live bands played while leashed dogs barked.  The pigeons and gulls had plenty to scavenge the next morning while everyone else was asleep with full tummies.DSC00365The following picture is Morro Bay at dusk. I tend to gravitate towards lower light levels and pictures of piers and sailboats. Notice the massive rock close into shore which gives this town its notoriety.

The coast of central and northern California never ceases to amaze in its raw, rugged beauty.


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