Y4 – Day 17 – Lemons

This morning I picked around two dozen dwarf Meyer lemons, sweeter than the Eureka or Lisbon lemons you find in the supermarket. Meyers don’t travel well because they are thin skinned so you will only find them in farmer markets during the winter season here in So.Cal.

We are very lucky to have planted two trees when we landscaped seventeen years ago or so. They must love their location because I kind of neglect them, rarely feeding them nutrients or warding off any diseases or insects. And yet, they give and give when they give fruit.

I am finally up here at the treehouse in Arrowhead after about four months of missing my pine trees dearly. I knew I wanted to do a fair amount of cooking, so I picked the citrus this morning down the hill and this afternoon, up at the cabin, washed them and placed them in a basket at room temperature (they are juicier when warm). I will probably wring a few out tonight and tomorrow.

Lemons are the kind of fruit that work with savory or sweet. Imagine fresh squeezed lemonade over ice on a heat soaked day or lemon pie. They are just as useful as a finish for most soups, rice dishes and of course in salads. In fact, that gives me an idea, I think I will make myself a salad right now with olives, and an avocado/lemon/olive oil/sea salt sauce. I made a veggie soup as soon as I unpacked, so my tummy calls. And maybe, I will concoct a bowl of coconut yogurt with vanilla, lemon and stevia. YUM!


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