Y4 – Day 154 – Arrowhead Art

Can you buy just about any kind of art at the Mountain Arts Center in Lake Arrowhead Village? Absolutely. Looking for treasures or gifts?

The community of artists on the mountain hold an expansive space, right next to the Waffle Restaurant, in front of the lake, and they make sure to always have treats for dogs. Did I mention how dog friendly this town is? If you didn’t have a dog, you would surely adopt one if you come up here enough, and we are living proof of that. They also sell, like most of the vendors, bags of duck nibbles to feed the Mallard families for fifty cents. Cindi thinks they are for her.

The artists volunteer their time manning the store and the art they exhibit that sells, pays for the lease. Basically, it is a gallery and I go in to see what is new, what has been replaced and which creative spirit I can meet at the counter.

You will find gorgeous handmade jewlery, hand dyed silk scarves, watercolored postcards, an assortment of large and small items made of reclaimed wood, oil paintings, photographs and other such media throughout, making the visit to the lake a cultural with a Big C as well as a local Little c experience.

The following paintings were done by Patty McDonald whom I met yesterday as she was assembling her booth with her wares. The story behind the Blue Jays, named Heckle and Jeckle, was told to me at the time of purchase by the painter, herself. Let me know if you want to know more. I just had to have a lake scene of iconic Arrowhead, specifically, at the cabin and had not found the right one till yesterday at the Classic Car Show. The frames are made by an artist who specializes in redeeming the reclaimed Arrowhead wood from felled, diseased trees or pines marked for chopping down in order to keep the surrounding forests protected from overgrowth.

IMG_1531 IMG_1532

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