Y3 – Day 76 – Sound

Did you know sound affects every cell, tissue and organ in our bodies?

Because sonic waves travel 5 times faster through water than air, it moves through and resonates with our bodies quicker and deeper.

By chanting, singing, humming, toning, repeating affirmations and mantras, we heal.

By listening to instruments or music we enjoy or resonate with, we harmonize our souls and physical selves.

Did you know Pythagoras created the musical scales and coined the term “music of the spheres” around 550 BC?

Cannot wait for my Soulful Sound Therapy Class in April wherein we will be making music with singing bowls, voices and tones, chanting mantras and singing in Pali and Sanskrit. Starts April 13 – May 4. Click on link below for more info. I have 5 more spots left.


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