Y4 – Day 38 – Artsy Petite Chocolates

How can you not gain weight?

IMG_0013The top row, left to right, are all dark chocolates. Under that, a roasted series filled with different nut pralines and salted caramel. The orange row is spicy, my favorite one was the peppercorn. The green row is herbal; mint, thyme, verbena and star anise/fennel. The pink row is floral; orange blossom, rose and lavender. The buttercream hued row, second to last, is citrus (or should I say was). Orange, grapefruit, yuzu and bergamot sound like essential oils but inside chocolate they are tangy and intoxicating. And the last row, is fruity: pineapple, blueberry, raspberry and mango nectars in smooth ganaches.

The middle heart is a special Valentine filled with supposedly salted caramel coulis. Mmmm.

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