Y3 – Day 363 – January Red Roses

My first bouquet of the New Year!

I love placing flowers in front of mirrors so you can see the reflection. Using this trick doubles the majesty, hue and delicacy of roses, especially. Here, I have placed a fairy tale mirror on the wall above the entry black desk where we keep dog leashes and paraphernalia, a variety of keys and the like, stashed away.

You can easily see the swatches of color on the stairway wall that I slathered on in patches so I could pick a color. We ended up using Maison by SW (Sherwin Williams) as depicted on the mirrored wall but not yet applied to the opposite walls. It is a warm white. You can also catch a glimpse of the new black wrought iron work, banister and pillar for the stairs.

The roses are Hot Princess from South America. They are celebrated for their extra large blooms and deep magenta color. I am loving the burst of rouge and will enjoy these every day as I pass in or out the front door and glance at myself and ask who is the fairest one of all?

Why the roses of course!



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