Y3 – Day 297 – The Silver Star

I just got done reading Jeannette Walls’ The Silver Star.

Who didn’t love her incredibly fine memoir, The Glass Castle? I am sure I have blogged about it – check it out in the search box.

Then she wrote a half memoir/half novel based on her grandmother’s life called Half Broke Horses.

Her storytelling is an entangled nest of webs that are selectively sorted out as the reveal enlightens you of what is underneath.

In The Silver Star, I felt the story was simple and the build up to the apex so tedious, I had to put the book down, one third of the way through. I let it collect dust for about one month. Then I picked it up three nights ago. Well, well, well, good things come to those who wait.

I started re-reading it just when the plot became juicy and although I sensed certain characters were this way or that way, the unraveling and development of events and personalities took a speedy turn and I eagerly awaited evening to come so I could get into bed and see what happened next.

I recommend this book as a slow starter but worth the ride.

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