Y3 – Day 275 – Granola

I am really enjoying reading a 2015 book entitled Living the Farm Sanctuary Life – The Ultimate Guide to Eating Mindfully, Living Longer and Feeling Better Every Day by Gene Baur and Gene Stone.

It has over 100 plant-based recipes created and tested by vegan chefs, aficionados and even actors that have embraced this lifestyle. And it IS a lifestyle and a point of view, this being vegan. And I do love to read cookbooks as you can attest by entering my home and scanning my shelves. But this book is more than just recipes.

The story behind the creation of farm sanctuaries, the touching tales of humans meeting domesticated, rescued sentient beings and the accounts of their release, healing and gentle behaviors, is enough to read this book. Add the delicious, creative and easy to moderately involved recipes, the chef notes and the full page pictures and you have a winner of a cookbook/lifestyle narrative that vegans and non-vegans alike would find sophisticated and imaginative.

Saturday night I picked Superfood Dark Chocolate Granola by Deb Gleason to try and it took no time at all to mix together once I had all the ingredients out of the pantry. As the granola baked, the house smelled like a chocolate factory.

Tomorrow: The Recipe

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