Y3 – Day 242 – Mountain Vacay

Unlike my previous unrehearsed, unplanned yet welcome longest stay in the treehouse, I am preparing for another vacay and this time I have a suitcase packed, groceries for special recipes bagged, tons of books and work to be done and even a huge pile of papers to go through and ready to drag up the mountain.

One of my first recipes will be an alleged weight loss concoction of ginger root, cucumber, lemon, lime, mint leaves and water. Since New York, back in May, I have been steadily gaining extra pounds which may not be a lot for anyone else but on my small frame and height it translates as two pant sizes bigger.

But never mind that – delicious recipes I will be experimenting with are a corn soup, a vegan shepherd’s pie, chili, vegan Caesar salad, different flavored chia seed puddings and an array of Indian dishes including Masalas, Curries and Lentil based veggie burgers.

Yesterday, I harvested our swiss chard and made a pretty decent amount of vegan falafels but want to tweak the recipe further before sharing.

Happy experimenting for the High Altitude Vegan Cook or as my BFF in NY calls me, Mountain Mama. 

I got my apron, I got my spices and I got my darling doggie, Cindi. We will put on some music and boogie in the kitchen!

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