Y3 – Day 213 – Women Authors Part One

I am in the middle of devouring the works of four women presently.

I am reading Jeanette Walls’ The Silver Star. Her first book I read was the memoir, The Glass Castle and its raw yet detached honesty impacted the way I looked at retelling of difficult situations. Inspiring to say the least. Then, J and M from NoCal also bought me two more of her books. The depiction of her grandmother’s story, Half Broke Horses is about her grandmother, Lily Casey Smith, who was a real life cowgirl back in the early 1900’s, surviving the great depression and other devastating moments. Although based on her ancestor’s past, it has been fictionalized to make it more entertaining. The novel I am currently reading is about two young sisters back in the ’70’s. They are abandoned and search out long lost relatives across the country and the past, present and future come to light within the pages that follow.

The other writer I am enjoying is Victoria Moran. She is a nonfiction author of over a dozen books. I have her first books, Living a Charmed Life and Younger by the Day, on my bookshelf from at least a decade back. It always impressed me she wrote about a healthy diet and fitness amongst other topics and it seems she has evolved into one of the leading ladies of the Vegan Movement. She has volumes of information on whole foods, plant based eating and nutrition. She has battled with weight and writes about it. She began the Main Street Vegan Academy with her vegan raised daughter and holds the only accredited  Vegan Lifestyle Coaching  Certification available in the US today. After Main Street Vegan, explaining her take on becoming, being and remaining a vegan after her own thirty year mostly plant based diet,  I will be reading her Fit From Within, covering and sharing her dietary struggles and The Good Karma Diet, focusing on the spiritual aspects of being a compassionate vegan. She has excellent one hour podcasts I am listening to featuring major players in the field of animal rights, activism, environmental concerns, science/research and food/nutrition related themes.

Stay Tuned: Tomorrow, two more women authors will be highlighted.

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