Y3 – Day 209 – the 3 types of women

I am enchanted by Poldark, the PBS series about a British soldier that survives the Revolutionary War and goes back to the cliffs of Cornwall. Back in town, his girl marries his best friend, he ends up finding happiness with his scullery maid, his cousin loses everything, the townspeople support his opening up a copper mine and villains of the male and female persuasion abound.

Of course, I tape it and watch it whenever I can and yesterday’s viewing prompted me to note exactly Ross Poldark’s words to his wife. Please be advised this is circa 1780-1790 but I wonder if it isn’t true even today about human beings in general.

After mortgaging his land, his inheritance and his home in order to continue mining and hence saving the community by offering labor, Poldark lays the cards on the table to his wife and she responds with pluck and courage. And so he states,”Women! “None are created equal. Some are never satisfied, some could never be brought so low, and others, thumb their nose at adversity and roll up their sleeves.” He is of course eloquently referring to his ‘good as gold’ spouse.

Love this BBC import!

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