Y3 – Day 203 – Kale Berry Shake

My friend J let me know her experiment with oat bran has worked and her cholesterol -especially the bad one Рis down. She advised me to try it too since last blood check I was high. She had one serving (1/3 cup) every morning for @ one month and got re-tested. My test will happen after 35-45 days too. I hope the results are as encouraging.

I started on this mission immediately and after one day of oat bran with oatmeal, one day of oat bran with coconut yogurt and nuts, I decided to try adding it to a shake. It was delicious and nutritious.

Here is my Kale Berry Shake recipe:

Place in blender –

1 cup frozen organic mixed berries

1/2 cup-3/4 cup non dairy milk, like almond and according to desired consistency, add water as necessary.

1 tsp. coconut, vanilla or orange extract

1 Tablespoon fresh organic lemon juice

1/4 cup organic oat bran, (steeped with @ 1/2 cup boiling water, cover and let it expand for at least 5 minutes or do it the night before)

1 tsp. organic ground chia or hemp seeds

1 Tbsp. organic maca powder

Stevia to taste

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