Y3 – Day 197 – Wild Birds

From my comfortable perch in my electric lounge chair, I have taken pictures through the slider window and screen, bringing the birds up close with my zoom lens.DSC09557Black headed Grosbeak – hailing from Mexico, these vacationers arrive in the spring and stay all summer. They are in the cardinal family and have thick parrot like beaks that help them crack acorns and pinecones.DSC09560Steller’s Jay – Lake Arrowhead is brimming with ‘blue’ jays, hence the town Blue Jay near our cabin. Unlike the East coast Blue Jay, these fellows have mohawks or crests on the top of their heads.  They are in the squawking crow family and are intelligent as well as agile. They are like tight rope walkers and can hold an acorn with their feet, peck at it and using their bottom bill, which has a protruding edge, their beaks withstand the pounding and their balance is intact. Baby Jays have no feathers which is strange for a mountain bird and are completely helpless to the elements up here. The old saying, “naked as a jay bird” is a result of this fact.

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