Y3 – Day 161 – Herbs and Flowers

What is your favorite Herb?

What is your favorite Flower?

I love the smell, look and flavor of rosemary.

Rub the soft needles of a rosemary stem or flower and the oils release right into your skin. Rosemary can be made into a topiary bush. Some types are ground covers, others are upright medium height plants. All will flower with white to blue flowers that attract wildlife. All varieties make a great addition crushed or whole to potatoes, chicken and other traditional pairings.

The rose is my favorite flower. I know. Pretty common favorite flower. But what is special about the rose is it is edible as well as precious as a bud, and every moment of its unveiling of its petaled layers as they bloom, and its end, when it is called rose hips. Plus, the delirious scent is heaven.

Obviously, the scent, flavor and looks of both my favorites is important to me. What qualities does your favorite herb and flower have? Why do you appreciate them?

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