I just rescued and adopted a female 14 pound Chihuahua mix from OC shelter. Pics to come.

My friend J the dog rescuer was working at the OC Animal Shelter tent at one of our duck games out door events.  I am not a dog person.  “Who is that?’  I asked.  “Oh, that’s Cindy, I’m assigned to her today, she’s a wonderful dog but she’s old, they usually don’t get adopted out- but look at her, she is friendly to everyone and so happy!”  Yes, she is.

I thought about her but how do you bring an old dog into a cat lover’s paradise?  I really liked that dog, Cindy for some reason I told my husband.  I was drawn to her and had absolutely no idea why.  Was it the cute pink sweater?

Then, a few days later, J sent me an email.  It was a flyer for Cindy and a description from the shelter.  I was attracted and curious which was weird because I don’t like dogs, I am afraid of them.  I also had two previous, disastrous experiences with puppies.  I cannot be trained.

I mentioned the email to my husband and for some reason couldn’t stop daydreaming about her.  There was no way I or anyone also needed the disruption of a new critter and especially not a dog with my track record.

Then, unexpectedly, as I was getting out of my car to get a park license at Irvine Regional Park, my phone rang.  It was my husband asking if I really did want that dog I kept talking about.  Mind you, I had never even touched or gotten near her.  The thought to invite her in to our home had to be scratched.

But  – After that phone call and being assured it would be ok, I began to fantasize having a loving companion by my side, to run up to the mountains with, to walk around the town with, to be by my side and cuddle with, to go on short errands maybe even, to walk around the park with, to nurture and love on.

I had to be practical too.  I looked up on line how to introduce an old dog to a three cat household. I listened to advice from all my dog owner friends.  I called the shelter to get more information and I made a date with J, the dog rescuer/angel/volunteer to visit Cindy and meet her for really the first time at the kennel.

You take a number and wait.  Then you go to the actual cage and see your pet.  They take the stray dog out and put you in a pen with her.  She loved J.  J interpreted every thing Cindy did for me.  The woman who was assigned to us was generous with praise for Cindy.  She thought it would be a perfect ‘first dog ever’ situation. She wagged her tail the entire time, rolled over a few times and came three times to her name.  Smitten.  They walked the dog to the cat cages.  Cindy could have cared less but was enthused with other dogs and us.  I called my husband.  “Bring her home, it will be exciting, anything to make you happy”.

After the paperwork where I changed her spelling to Cindi with an I not a Y, she sat on my Iap on the way to Petco. J was amazing.  She got me and Cindi everything we needed to get started and showed me how to praise and train her to do her thing, how and when to feed and crate her and gave me countless tips.  So did my chihuahua owning friend.  Then she bathed her for me and I rinsed and dried her in the kitchen sink.  Neither one of us had eaten in hours and didn’t care because we were so excited with the new arrival.  My girls love her.  My husband has yet to meet her.

I sit here in my son’s old room, blogging about a new adventure and a new commitment. She is by my feet, next to me in her brand new pink bed, with her brand new blingy pink collar and leash, just exhausted and hopefully counting her lucky stars!  Wish me luck!!!

I am counting mine.

5 thoughts on “Y2-Day24-Cindi

  1. I am so happy for you and Cindi. I think you both will do fine. With J as your friend and coach you cannot help but to succeed. J is a great and valuable volunteer.

    Congratulations & Best Wishes,

    Beignet & Alan

  2. This is great. What a wonderful story and I am thrilled that Cindi ended up with someone like you. As a shelter volunteer you never know who they end up and its always frightening sometimes to think they may go to a family that doesn’t really understand what having a pet is all about. You made my day today with all your wonderful concerns and comments and I knew that you would make a great “mom”. We appreciate what your going through and if you need help you have my e-mail address above and I will help you in any way I can. Thanks for adopting Cindi!!

  3. Love this blog about your new baby girl Cindi. Thank you for adopting from the shelter and saving Cindi’s life and giving her the love and chance at life that she deserves. What a lucky dog Cindi is and you will find you are lucky to have HER unconditional love, loyalty and attention. It will be a mutual loving relationship ahead for you both. I am so excited. Xxxxxxx

  4. A lil’ lap dog! How wonderful CC! And you tought me some astrology from it too! Jupiter, the ruler of your pet house was conjunct Saturn…….planet of committment and she came into your life! And she will be your teacher! LOL.whne the student is ready, the teacher will appear! RUFF RUFF RUFF! Also loved all of the giggles in your blog! Can’t wait to meet her. xo

  5. You have all been wonderful!!! Everyone involved, all my friends and new friends, thank you!!! I am enjoying her so much more than I ever dreamed, ever!

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