Y2 – Day 361 – A Wartime Farce

Back in 1941, Noel Coward, an English playwright, wrote Blythe Spirit in six days. One month later it opened on stage. Clifton Webb played the lead on Broadway, Rex Harrison, on film. It won an academy award.

Today, we went to see it in LA with Charles Edwards as Charles (the main character of seven) and the incredible and unprecedented – wait for it —–ANGELA LANSBURY —–as Madame Arcati. The moment she walked on stage, the audience applauded.

I recognized Charles from Downtown Abbey and later confirmed in the program that indeed he was the character who jilted Lady Edith Crawley at the altar. The cast is visiting and touring from the West End in London, UK. Lucky us. The sets, design, costumes and cast were impeccable.

It is playing at the Ahmanson Theatre till Jan. 18, so if you live in the area, and like intelligent, fast-paced and witty dialogue, don’t miss it.

My love of Angela Lansbury spans from her first film Gaslight (1944) with Charles Boyer to The Manchurian Candidate (1962) to Sweeny Todd on Broadway (1979) to Murder She Wrote on TV as Jessica Fletcher (1984) to the voice of Mrs. Potts in Beauty and the Beast (1991) to today and everything in between. She is a prolific actress and her voice is real, charming and distinct, especially to her fans. It was a treat to watch her in action live on stage.

In fact, the play was incredible!


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