Y2 – Day 256 – Yet Another Resting Pose

The last pose I want to highlight for this season of over consumption, party anxiety and occasional family dramas is similar to legs up the wall.

In this revamped Viparita Karani, you need a chair, mat and blankets.

Lay down a mat and place an armless chair side ways at foot of mat. Sit close to chair legs and seat. Lower your self down onto your back, starting with your lower back. Bend your knees and place your feet and calves onto the chair seat. Scoot your tush closer to adjust and to have your legs at a ninety degree bend at the knee, if possible. Drape a blanket on your legs and body to warm and comfort you. Ideally, close your eyes and place an eye pillow on your eyes.

This is a modified version of legs up the wall and it can even work butted up against your couch. It is advantageous for people who feel legs up the wall is too much for them or as a stepping stone pose towards the more demanding posture.

During commercials, in the middle of the day or any time you need to re-group and remember what this time of year means – try putting both your legs up on a chair and your back on the floor.

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