Y2 – Day 253 – September – the 7th Month

September was originally the seventh month, ergo SEPT for the number 7.  March was the first month of the year and the calendar was ten months all together and correlated with the phases of the moon.  Then, the Romans decided to add July and August for the Caesars, Julius and Augustus.  This sent the later months off by two and hence September for 7, October for 8, November for 9 and December for 10 were name-sacrificed.

September also typically reminds me personally of school starting.  And it is a great time to renew, refresh or restart anything for me.  I like to review my goals and rethink any resolutions I haven’t accomplished.  I remind myself, at this time, that it is high time to get back to work, the party is over, and I need to focus.  I believe after years of training, September is a kickstart for those of us who enjoyed going back to school.  In my teaching days, it just seemed like a natural.  It still resonates to me as a time for learning or beginning or doing anything new with dedication.

It is commitment time.

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