Y2 – Day 232 – All is Well

Everything that happens is for the best.  After another three hours at the doctor’s, I am home with a brace on my wrist which is joint arthritis, physical therapy sessions to be arranged and a litany of exercises for my shoulder which after an ultrasound with three interns watching seems to just be bursitis.

Ah, the joys of your body as we age.  But that’s ok because it feels worse than I guess it really is and also it is rather common.  Yipee!

I got to see my x-rays and chat with the orthopedic doctor about Deepak Chopra.  He is into Aruyevedic medicine and told me to add turmeric to everything, to eat my biggest meal midday and to prepare mostly warm food, not cold.  Sounded like some advice I got not too long ago when I was heavily invested in yoga and energy medicine.

Although my doctors are traditional medics, they seem to believe personally in Acupuncture, deep breathing and alternative methods.  I don’t remember this openness before.  Is it possible we are finally meeting East with West and Ancient with Modern healing?  Could this be our brave new world?

“Imagine contemporary thought allowing all ideas to coexist, inviting all possibilities and perspectives to flourish for each individual in his or her own way, aiding all of humanity as a whole.” – me

 “The healthy social life is found 
when in the mirror of each human soul
 the whole community is shaped, 
and when in the community 
lives the strength of each human soul.” – Rudolf Steiner

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