Y2 – Day 213 – OC Fair 2014

You still have until August 10 to make it to the fabulous and ever incredible, tongue in cheek, OC Fair at the OC Fairgrounds in Costa Mesa, off of the 55S Fwy.

 As they say in England, whilst last there, I partook of (for the first time but it won’t be the last time) fried desserts (bad, bad, bad me).  I was encouraged by my cousin’s insistence she would never have the opportunity to try this indulgent treat again and my ‘pledge’ to never, ever have another.

We sank our teeth into battered up, fried up Oreo cookies (at least they were vegan, but the batter alas is not, I am sure) and after what seemed forever, a freshly, fried Almond Joy that pretty much took me and her to coconut/chocolate (can you say at least 1000 calories?) heaven and when we returned, we were still talking about it to anyone who would listen.

The deep fried Almond Joy can only be found at one trailer joint in all of the fair – right across from the chuck wagon wheel dining area.  It is listed as the manager’s special and I cannot even guarantee when you arrive it will still be available, but if it is, do not hesitate to order one and share if you must because you have never, ever tasted anything sooooo good.

Also, as always there is respite in the air conditioned buildings with displays of all kinds and music and booths and food and gardens and domesticated animals and rides.

Concerts are held every night and we enjoyed the Happy Together Tour again with M’s mom.  This is our third summer to see who The Turtles (who manage the Tour) bring onto the stage.  We heard some old tunes, every one of them identifiable.  I probably listened to most of them on a battery charged transistor radio on the beach in the heat of summer growing up or on the school bus on the way to elementary school field trips.   The headliner was Peter Noone of Herman’s Hermits fame. They sang Henry the Eighth as well as the moving There’s a Kind of Hush (all over the world, tonight – remember?)

We purchased the requisite cement garden animals, (you too will find your favorite must haves).  I ate some corn in a cup one day, a baked potato the other night.  Some people love the funnel cakes, the chocolate covered fruit and pretzel plates or the curly fries.  Some fair goers go for the hair raising rides, the farm animals or the displays.

Everyone has their fair extravaganza spree and you do not want to miss finding out what that could possibly be!

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