Y2-Day 20 – Tea time

My daughter E gifted me a sweet tea set that is darling.  Besides tea bags – loose teas and tisanes (herbals) are a great way to steep and enjoy water.  When I have a cup of tea, herbal, hot or cold, I count it as a water ration.

You can make a tea out of so many different flowers, herbs and leaves.  My favorites are rose, mint, ginger and licorice.  Yogi makes a flavor that is called Egyptian Licorice and Mint and needs no sweetener because it is naturally so.  Buy only the purest, most organic forms of herbals and teas and you will heal as well as drink a treat.

Pour hot water over your mixtures and then let it steep.  Having an adorable tea pot with a built in or removable strainer allows you to serve it right from the pretty tea pot or you can just put your combinations in a pourable item like a measuring cup and use an everyday strainer.

Try chopped up ginger with a few mint leaves.  Experiment with green teas and dried fruits.  I once made an outstanding coconut rooibus chocolate tea that tasted more like dessert using rooibus chocolate flavored tea bags and loose organic coconut flakes.  I then added coconut milk and stevia.  My friends still rave about it.  Add some cinnamon. Yum.

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