Y2-day 2 – Unconditional Love

As I understand it – Unconditional love is the willingness to give of yourself freely.  I need to be both the happy teacher and the happy learner/receiver of this life instruction.  Since I am responsible for my thoughts, then I am responsible for my attitude.  What I give, I receive and I can opt to make it a win-win every time by inserting unconditional love into my every action.  The only thought in my head I ought to entertain is “What can I do for others?”  My only intent must be to heal, comfort or bless.  I hear you, I see you, I listen and empathize with you.  The language of the heart circulates between us.

My family shows me unconditional love, support and encouragement.  They validate my worthiness to be loved, cherished and forgiven.  They teach me by example and do not withhold their kindnesses towards me.  I am truly gifted by exceptional souls in my life  traversing this moment and position in time and space.  My cup runneth over this holiday season.  I am imbued with gratitude, understanding and gifts of sight I call miracles.  I have the pleasure and the honor of bearing witness to great acts of selflessness that stimulate my creative juices and set my visions on fire!

Thank you


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