Y2-Day 18 – I’m Baaaaaacccccckkkk

If you are wondering why I decided to write daily again, it’s because of my biggest, closest, uber fans and yet harshest critics – my children.

When my daughter V gifted me with botanical drawings framed with quotes taken directly from my blog posts, I just broke down.  I realized on some days, the writing was not too shabby.  Especially when you see it re-written and quoted, never mind framed.  Framing always gives whatever you squeeze under glass the distinct impression it is important or note worthy.

After calming down, they assured me they genuinely followed my daily dalliance into the land of the Internet, albeit never commenting directly on the blog.  They also felt it gave me purpose and that unless I was writing the great American novel I should not wane in my writing production.  After all, even if I were to write something of any repute, wouldn’t this serve as fodder for practice?

When I discourse on a topic, review a restaurant, literature, events or fill the space with musings, pictures and anecdotes – I guess I am writing a living memoir and it is somehow, sort of like staying in touch with home when you are away and reading it wistfully.

Enough time had gone by and I sincerely missed my periodic seat at my desk so I pledged to write daily again in Year Two.  To know I am enhancing anyone’s life at all is a deep reward but to hear your own kids egg you on, even cajole you and go to the extent of making you look good in a frame, well – that was the clincher.

I admit I am less fearful in front of the blank screen now knowing I somehow will end up posting something, anything as long as I have wifi – even if it is just a sentence with minutes to spare till midnight – because I did it for one whole year during Year One when I began this adventure.  Last year, every day was the first time, each day I was in brand new territory I had never been to or could have foreseen.

This year, I am going to probably divulge more, feeling more brazen and perhaps shock you or even myself.  I never know what I am going to spill.  Most of the time, I just open up my laptop, ask for guidance from wherever creativity comes from and fire away, first drafting, editing a spelling error here and clarifying a point there.  I forewarned you I was a terrible grammar/punctuation writer during year one and I have not improved much in that arena or on technique so I apologize and reiterate it so you know this about me upfront, if you are new or have forgotten my previous disclosure.

I was given the gift of validation which led to a feeling of being cheered on, a personal reason to write, a motivating factor to recommit.  However obscure, vague or ambiguous a compliment, a creative soul will latch on to it for dear life and see it as encouragement –  if that creator loves the process of its endeavor.

I had no idea they (my few devotees) missed me and my jabbering.  And I had no clue how much it meant to me – to have faithful quality readers over a superficial quantity of numbers.

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