Y2 – Day 127 – Liking Yourself

I heard a friend of a friend ask another friend a question last night.  I decided to ask myself the same question this morning while journaling.

“ What will it take for you to like yourself today?”

  1. Following through on at least a few of my ‘key’ maintenance/worldly matters.  Taking care of business.
  2. Being kind, pleasant and loving to all I meet – or at least, cordial.
  3. Stay out of attachment to anyone else’s opinions, responses or attitudes.  Just be helpful, supportive and objective.
  4. Be compassionate to self.  Pamper with comfortable clothes, healthy food choices and some sort of body movement – even if I am limited by time commitments or weather conditions.
  5. Be emotionally generous, honest and present with others.

This is my personal truth today.  It might change tomorrow or it might be tweaked here and there.  It seems like a personal basic standard to live by for me.

Now – Ask yourself the same question.  You could write about it after pondering or meditating on it.  You could think about it all day, several times, stopping to re-ask it to yourself and then jotting down any insights.

I encourage you to take the question seriously and add it to your daily/weekly gratitude list.  If you are not writing down what you are grateful for as a ritual, perhaps now is a good time to start.

I suggest you get any lined blank notebook and begin journaling on a consistent basis what you are thankful for.  List five (5) things you appreciate daily/weekly and then add one thing you have done for yourself.

In addition, you can ask yourself the question of the day, add affirmations to your particular situation or note any and all accomplishments – just note it.

One day, when you are not feeling well, reading over your journal will lift you.

When you are ready to change and grow, commence a program of recording your gratitude, acknowledging your needs and how you take care of them.  Chronicle your actions, attitudes and gifts that enhance how you feel about yourself, your life, others and by default, how you attend to everything.

This practice is a simple, concrete way you can change and improve your life and outlook.  You will learn much, guaranteed.

What will it take for you to like yourself today?


Weather update:

Fires, overturned semis, uprooted trees and debris due to the winds had me canceling/rescheduling all plans and staying home.  I am grateful I have options today.This is what I saw today in a parking lot.  Notice the pine tree branch forefront and center.  There were pieces of every kind of tree everywhere.  Palms, pines, eucalyptus, etc..  People’s garbage cans have tipped and trash is scattered all over.  This tree was completely uprooted and had fallen on the car.  The amount of damage is rising, the air is unbreathable and it is best to stay safely indoors.  I am grateful I am safe (so far).

Back east, I hear there are terrible floods and rainstorms.  Be safe.

6 thoughts on “Y2 – Day 127 – Liking Yourself

  1. Been watching the news and even though it is relatively calm here in Upland, it is NOT a good idea to travel east of here, glad you are safe at home. 🙂

  2. So glad you chose to stay safe and stay out of the winds today. Loved your message about staying present in the moment. Sounds simple, but not particularly easy at times. You are an inspiration!

  3. Smart move CC! Stay safe! Yes, torrential rains here last night. Looking forward to a peaceful weekend, xo

  4. Thank you for the reminders to like myself and the 5 items listed below that. The gratitude list makes you put it all into perspective. Thank you for this reminder. I will start my gratitude list tonight.

  5. yippee!! I think the WHOLE world would be a happier, more generous and abundant place if we all just wrote a gratitude list!

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