Y2 – Day 118 – Plants

“For the Japanese, bonsai signifies the strong ancient beliefs between man, the soul and nature.” – Calyx flowers

In the past, Bonsai plants were only for the elite. Taking care of a Bonsai is a steady, slow and meticulous process.  Nowadays, there are many shrubs, plants and trees grown specifically for this hobby and classes on pruning and training abound.

“Patience is the companion of wisdom.”
Saint Augustine

This is an elephant foot or ponytail palm bonsai (Beaucarnea recurvata).  It is native to Mexico.  It is renown for its bottle shaped trunk and ribboned leaves.  If I plant this baby outside, it can grow to sixteen feet and flower with buttercream blossomed clusters of stalks.

April brings spring and summer lilies.  Green Goddess calla lilies (Zantedeschia aethiopica) are simply green all the way through their stems and trumpet shaped blooms.  It is native to South Africa.  The blossoms are wavy and furled like flags and have mottled creamy throats.  

“Consider the lilies of the field how they grow;….” – the Bible

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