New class in Arrowhead and a Field Trip!!!

As of yesterday, I have the opportunity and am blessed to teach a class at the Curves on Grass Valley X Clubhouse in Lake Arrowhead environs on most Saturdays at 11am-12:20.  The owner Candy is one super beautiful goddess and synchronicity brought us together.  The first class will be a love donation.  If you are so compelled, after class you can contribute your gratitude into the love basket.  This is a great opportunity if you have ever wanted to try gentle and healing yoga, have any physical limitations, are in desperate need of shutting down your mind chatter, are a Type A who would like to learn how to slow down, enjoy the serenity of meditation, are willing to explore your inner self, etc… the list goes on….all the benefits.  Also, if you want a day trip up to the mountains.

To the lovely ladies up the hill, looking forward to meeting you all.

Speaking of which; on Thursday May 3rd – I will be heading up to Lake Arrowhead and I invite you to join me for a day.  We will leave from my house at 8:15 and will tour the lake on a paddle boat, then eat at a Thai restaurant.  If we are so – inclined (lol) we can shop and stroll around the lake.  There are 2 wonderful art galleries!!  We will leave @ 2:30pm. I have enough space for 6 but we can always caravan.

I would be happy to make it an over nighter and add yoga, a hike and meditation if I get enough interest. Maybe even a trip to Curves if we are feeling very active and/or kayacking  on Lake Gregory nearby.  My cabin is nearby and we can crash with sleeping bags if there are many of us. We can do an evening practice by the fireplace and then just have tea and cookies before bedtime. Let me know your thoughts.  Seeya in class.  I will fill you in on prices once we know if it is a day or overnight.

5 thoughts on “New class in Arrowhead and a Field Trip!!!

    • Sounds lovely. I will be on a family (all three of us) vacation, but would love to learn more about your plans and Arrowhead. We have a week in a cabin on the lake to schedule. So keep me posted.
      Sending love and light your way. Lucinda

      • Let me know when. It would be great to get together for a walk or lunch or coffee or something while you are up in Arrowhead.

  1. Hey Cecilia,

    I met you at the Yoga Mat when I went with Jen Schichi one Sunday evening. I am the one who lives up in the mountains. YAY! So excited that you are offering this class. Hopefully my Mom will be able to make it to the first one. Are you going to be offering the classes weekly??? I am working Ren Faire until the end of May, but would go every week after that! It will be great to see you. Thanks a bunch. -Pamela W.

    • omg!!Pamela!! how awesome!!I love your jewelery and saw it on display at the D gallery, Daniel’s place. I recognized it immediately as your signature style. I am going to see how it goes; teaching in Arrowhead. I would like nothing better than to do it weekly but I have a few Saturdays wherein family/other obligations need to come first. I look forward to seeing you again on Saturday too and persuade your mom!!

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