day 91 – Affirm

Every once in a while I need reminders.  Ever since I read Louise Hay’s book You Can Heal Your Life back in the late ’90s, I have used, forgotten to and remembered here and there to use affirmations to help me pull myself up from my bra straps.  The negative tapes I replay over and over need substitution and affirming the positive helps me shake up the constant barrage of noise.  When I listen well and believe my new and improved messages, my heart rate slows, my mind awakens and my mood lifts.  

These are my latest shots in the arm I envision, hear and am attuned with.  Feel free to find your own or borrow mine, anytime.  Be flexible and open, but be willing to feed yourself with new uplifting lyrics and drown out the nail scratch screeching or personality flawed discordant slamming you usually listen to (if you are anything like me).

Self – Affirmations

I move towards my goals.  Every intention, thought and action can move me towards my goals of strength, organization, discipline, self-care, self-love and wisdom or away from it.  I choose to move towards my goals.

I move forward and towards a bright and rewarding future.

My experiences validate and educate me.

I look forward and towards my dreams.

I base my every action and thoughts on my wish to be my best self – physically, mentally, emotionally, socially and spiritually.

I believe in the benevolence and abundance of the Universe.   I believe I am protected and guided every step of the way if I ask and I listen.

I pursue my bliss!

I am determined and hopeful.

I listen to my own inner suggestions and digest them.  I use them to grow, change or improve myself.

I am capable and competent.

I am free to change my mind.

I heal with every insight and I share  it with others.

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