day 86 – Thoughts

The Quality of my Life does not just have to do with steadfastness, resolve and discipline.  It also has much to do with flexibility, variety and openness to new experiences.  In this way, I can grow, open, ponder, observe, process and morph into a new person everyday.

Within the framework and structure of my day; errands, obligations, house care, keeping close and honest, being civil and staying current with my family and friends, I also need to expand my horizons, spread my wings and take flight sometimes.  I get to check in with myself.  I have quiet time.  I muse, meditate and imagine.

I have the opportunity to remember that any inner wisdom I connect with, is a gift; the promises from a spiritual realm that translate into human, practical usage.

And I keep coming back to gratitude.  And I continue with my willingness to be honest and true, always. And I dig deep for courage to be vulnerable, open and compassionate.

Be thankful

Have integrity

Live bravely

Thoughts for the day.


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