day 79 – Negative Ions

Both the ocean and forest emit an abundant amount of negative ions, which is a positive condition for us.

Humans can only see around 2% of the invisible electromagnetic field and that encompasses color.  Some of us may actually sense vibrations when we walk into a room or from an object or a person.

It is interesting to note that when we are in nature, such as a field, woods, beach, ocean or a living desert, we usually relax.  That is because these natural environments discharge negative ions.  They are electrically charged atoms generated in specific places of nature.  Chief among all transmitters are ocean waves, waterfalls and pine trees.  “Water and plants create over 50% of the negative ions produced naturally on Earth.” Notes Catriona MacGregor in her outstanding science-based book, Partnering with Nature: The Wild Path to Reconnecting with the Earth.

Negative ions help with depression, the blues and plain old sadness.  They lift our spirits and change our electrical charge to a positive one.  Clarity and calmness ensue.

This may be why in days gone by, people were sent to the coast, a mountain getaway or a cruise across the Atlantic in order to re-group, get a different perspective, restore and reanimate themselves.  Doctors ordered it and it usually did the trick. Now we know scientifically by calibrated measurements taken with sensitive equipment that these landscapes send forth undulations that can heal us.

Ancient civilizations and Native traditions have always honored Mother Earth.  For some arrogant reason, we (Modern Man) take for granted and destroy our planet with no thought.

I do what I can like composting, never use pesticides, recycle, etc.…but I have been domesticated and still pump up the air conditioner when it’s hot and leave my footprint driving around in my gas guzzler.  I am aware of where I can and do change my habits and behavior but I am not a saint or as pure a conservationist as I believe I really should be.  Truly being eco-friendly has advanced but it has not been easy for those of us (like me – I admit) who aspire to do it seamlessly and without too much bother or deprivation.  The majority of us, I believe, do the best we can.  But hopefully, this information about negative ions, will get you motivated to spend some time with nature today and simply be nourished by it, be grateful for it and meditate amidst its greatness.

 Our thoughts, words and actions can elevate our mood, renew and replenish us.

What we tell ourselves matters.

Where we opt to decompress seems to matter too.



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