day 76 – Duck season

The NHL is back on track! Yea!  The Dux won two out of three of their games so far, lost last night – opening game on Anaheim ice.

Tonight, we are going to go to our first game back after the lockout.  So excited!

Get to wear my heavy clothing, get to socialize with my buddy, S, in between periods and get to root for our Anaheim hockey team!

I can just hear the speakers now, the rumble of the stadium crowd and the lights, colors and the concession food smells!  The sting of bitter cold air on the tip of your nose, the darkened arena before they announce with great fanfare our local team as they come out one by one spotlighted by circles of light.

Ahh, hockey –  graceful ice skating and fighting and penalties and power plays and smacking into the boards, oh my!!!

Wearing my black and gold tonight!!

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