day 55 – Musing

In the era of reality TV where everyone looks so fake and phony and unreal to me – it was a breath of much needed fresh air to go to the movies today, unexpectedly, with my husband and watch Silver Linings Playbook.  I am not going to give it away, but I identified with every character a little bit, loved the story, loved the writing, directing, acting and tone of the movie.  You may not feel the same way but I highly recommend it for its authentic dramatization.  Considering it was a work of fiction, it resembled genuine family interaction,  quirky, creative, sensitive people and represented it honestly.  I am not going to say another word for fear of revealing  something or coloring your viewing of it.

Freedom is a state of mind and the truth will set you free.

2 thoughts on “day 55 – Musing

  1. Yes. Great film. We probably got a little extra from it, just cause of the location, too. Don’t you think? Some of the shots really took me back.

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