Day 51 – Happy New Year

Yesterday I contemplated esoteric, profound long-term goals for 2013.  Today, I crave practical resolutions and better nutrition.  Note to self – include substitutions.

1)  I will not verbally, out loud or internally, put myself down anymore. Ex: “I’m so fat.” “I’m so stupid.” “Geez, what an idiot, I am.”

I am scared I am starting to believe myself and these insults have not worked for me.  I release them.

I avow I am human and will substitute more appropriate, compassionate and positive thoughts. To myself I can say, “look at that – how I shut my mouth during the whole thing and didn’t say anything unkind or regretful!” or “Hmm. I am growing and learning” and “ I exercised, hooray! And I ate healthy today! I am a success!”

2)  I will bring re-usable bags INTO the store with me.  I sometimes put them in the car, go back and retrieve them while I am on line at checkout because I always forget to bring them in, but lately, I haven’t even taken them in the car with me at all.  I know it’s a small gesture but one I can do.  I will keep a cooler insulated type tote and two cloth sacks at all times in my automobile, as well as an umbrella.

3)   I will not miss an appointment with self again, putting myself on the bottom of the list or back burner.  If I don’t take care of me, no one will.  Not to mention how time and again this practice eats away at the trust, confidence and belief I have in myself.  I have often placed others needs, appointments or time constraints before my own.   My new discipline will be to make my meditation, exercise and writing time a priority.  No excuses.  Then, I can pencil everything else in on my schedule.

I do not know if these ring a bell for you too, perhaps you have totally different useful things you have forgotten but what would like to reinstate into your life.   It’s healthy for me to write what I want to remember down.  I believe three is a decent number for changes, improvements and fresh starts.  It’s not an overwhelming number.  It’s not too little either. Good Luck and I would love to see you post your three pragmatic resolutions as well.  Sharing them with the world makes you accountable.



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