day 46 – Outstanding Gifts

I hope everyone’s Holidays were happy and drama free.

Presents and giving and expectations abound at this time of year.  I had some memorable moments and some memorable gifts.  The moments were free and the gifts were some of the least expensive.  It was the thought, the time and the care put into the event or item that mattered.


The time and effort all significant others put into celebrating with our family, gift-exchanging and general conviviality.

The time and effort my mother-in-law spent preparing, decorating and feeding us on Christmas Eve.

The time and effort my mom spent knitting scarves for my two kids who live in cold weather climates, now.

The time and effort everyone made to get along with everyone else.

The time and effort it took V to make all the dishes and prepare all the platters with mindful attention to detail and thoughtful expression on Christmas Day. It was remarkable.

The time and effort E spent picking out a special gift for me and taking her sister and brother everywhere, whenever.

The time and effort J spent picking out special presents for all of us and how she takes care of M, my son. 

The time and effort M spent taking a walk with me, making special time just for his mom.  His coming to visit us with J.

The time and effort my husband spends every day working without complaint, thirteen hours a day, sometimes six days a week, so we can live comfortably – and the little plastic CA license plate he placed in my stocking that says I am loved which means so much to me.

I could ramble on how grateful I am for this wonderful Christmas! I loved my writer’s box filled with tools, notebooks and reference books.  I loved the art and mirrored tray and rose quartz. I loved my Seattle gift bag full of goodies.  I loved my animal print loungewear, my animal print shoes and especially  – the picture my mom gave me of all three of my kids when they were 6, 3 and 7 months. I loved all my gifts.  But the best was having us all home together, at the same time.  Now, 22, 19 and 17.

What were your favorite gifts?  Were there any special moments you deem noteworthy? Was there a present you felt you gave that came from the heart and also took time and effort?

I hope everyone enjoyed what I gifted them too.  The act of giving is therapeutic for me – it seems shameful; it is so rewarding.  May I remember it is the time and effort everyone put into it that I found so significant.  Perhaps that is an outstanding gift in and of itself; time and effort.  


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