day 325 – Jigsaw Puzzle

It is amazing how everyone is the same actually.  We all have personality quirks of some sort as well as useful qualities.  Like a puzzle piece, I fit into your need and you fit into mine.  Your strengths fit into my jigsaw puzzle cutout.  Your resources fill my vacant needs.  And sometimes, not always, it is vice versa.

Some of us have jagged edges or rounded circles that jut out like arms.  Most puzzle pieces are cut with both outward and inward perimeters.  Some protrusions look like they are going to fit and find a match but do not lock in.  Some knobs or indentations are small, some large.  Some pieces seem to fit but the illustration is not congruent with the big picture.  Sometimes the timing in our lives is all wrong or just right for the inclusion or exclusion of that person, place or thing.

It’s great when you can place together all the jigsaw pieces around a central one.  It’s exciting to find the corners and develop the frame.  The hardest part is filling up the middle just like filling up our own insides.

I can see how we are all jigsaw puzzle pieces; looking, searching, finding, rejecting and if lucky-clicking with other pieces (persons) that fit neatly into our lives.  Perhaps these are our soul mates and kindred spirits that help us along or help us achieve our position in the jigsaw puzzle of the world.

Every piece is necessary and has its place.

We are interdependent.  We support each other in order to feel whole, one with others and make sense of this life.  The pieces I fit into radiate away from me and fit into other pieces that connect me to them, not physically, yet importantly.  It is the Big Picture, the wide view, the totality of it all that overwhelms as it humbles.

I am Pausing today and remembering to be grateful for all the souls in my life, as well as yours.

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