day 37 – Saturated Thoughts

Sadly my scenery is drenched in bucket amounts of precipitation and not of the anticipated white dust.  Wind and fog and tempest, oh my.

I did the only thing a girl could do and I took a good long happy bubble bath.

Sometimes I have inane, funny or crazy poetry in my head; please indulge and forgive me.


Scented ivory spheres on parade

Buoyant, translucent circles foam, gleam and sparkle!

Delicate bubbles immerse the body

I soak in a golden claw foot tub.

I hold the lightness of soap in hand

Palms weave in and out to design

Sculptures, shapes and molds,

Up and together like goblets of stars

I puff at my creations and they

Scatter and disappear.

Beads of pearly droplets linger

As the feminine vessel empties

Twinkled and polished body

I blot with citrine colored soft velvet,

Greeting the stormy day with a ping, a pluck and a pulse!

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